What if kindness was a key management skills for future managers?

Agile, manager agile, Manager 2.0, Manager 3.0… What if kindness was a management skills for future managers?

I can already hear spoilers say “we are not in Wonderland, this is really life, we need people managing, supervising, deciding, controling, validating… otherwise it’s anarchy!”

But I have a question for you: when and why did we decide that kindness was taboo in workplaces and put-up evilness and viciousness (or at least lack of kindness) as the only way to reach professional objectives?

So what is kindness and how can it be used in workplaces?
Kindness is the quality of keeping in mind the wellbeing of others, being understanding and respectful.
In the workplace, it allows to create an environment of trust, free creativity, develop a feeling of pride and belonging to the team and increase efficiency and performance.

Concretely a kind manager:

  • shares information
  • listens
  • shows by example
  • puts his ego aside
  • allows mistakes
  • proposes, do not enforces
  • demonstrate empathy
  • shows recognition

So what are we waiting for?



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