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To support, advise and enhance abilities amongst international solidarity stakeholders, in the fields of human resource management and team management.

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    Creation of Humanitalents

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Communication and empathy

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Transparency and deonthology

Carine Rigard
administrative & social network support

LYON, France

With over 15 years of experience as an administrative assistant, Carine became self-employed in January 2020.Very sensitive to solidarity commitment, she has been volunteering for the past 6 years in an association fighting against pediatric cancers and has been managing their social networks for 2 years. It is only natural that Carine joined Humanitalents as an Administrative and Social Network Communication Support officer in July 2022.

Elodie Michel
HR project leader & trainer

Dakar, Senegal

Elodie has evolved in international multicultural environments, developing a solid professional and human experience. She spent more than 10 years in management and personnel management consulting and 8 years in the humanitarian sector in HR positions. Elodie is dynamic with an analytical capacity and a practical approach that allow it to find innovative solutions, a real force of proposal.

Passionate about supporting and building the capacities of everyone, she joined the Humanitalents team to share her expertise in the design and implementation of operational HR strategies and guidelines.

Adeline Gourdon
TRAINer & coach

The Hague, Netherlands

After ten years in the humanitarian sector, Adeline chose to orientate her career towards capacity building and coaching. In addition of her expertise in HR, she became a certified trainer in 2013 and a certified coach in 2016. During 5 years, she collaborates with Beautiful Soul, a firm specialized in leadership, personal & professional development based in Dakar, before to join Humanitalents. Always keen to generate a positive impact through a change in behaviors, she put all her energy into creating innovative approach to support the humanitarian leaders.

Céline Hervieu
Head of mission recruitment & trainer

Paris, France

Psychologist, also graduated in Social Law, Céline started her career in the field of mental health, then in mental health prevention in the private sector. Always driven by a strong will to serve the common good, she then joined Solidarités International. Passionnate about the humanitairian field and recruitment, she joins Humanitalents team to help our clients find their best talents and work on RH development ! 

Laëticia Charlet
HR Consultant

Having worked in human resources for various NGOs, both in-field and at their head offices, Laëticia has always striven to include her personal values in her activities.  With a passion for human support in all its forms, she validated her title as a clinical psychologist in 2017, then joined Humanitalents soon after its creation, in 2018.  She is currently developing an entrepreneurial project focusing on forest bathing, and is delighted to take part in Humanitalents’ new project centred on high-quality communication and transparency with customers.

Corinne Boulad
Trainer & Coach

Beyrouth, Liban

With a vast interest in human nature, coupled with high sensitivity, Corinne made her way down the Human Resource path. She was however left with a feeling of discontent, which led her to join the humanitarian sector.

Corinne’s personal journey covered fifteen years in HR and a coaching certificate in 2019, always endeavouring to implement new ways of supporting others in their own development. She now collaborates with Humanitalents alongside her coaching activities, and stands up for HR practices which serve her own convictions. 


Estelle Robert
Founder & General manager

Lyon, France

Having graduated with a Master’s degree in HR, Estelle worked both in-field and at the head office of several NGOs, such as Action contre la Faim, Humanité et Inclusion, and Oxfam. In 2017, her 12 years of experience in human resources led her to create Humanitalents and complete her training thanks to a certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She provides her customers with technical expertise, bolstered by vast interpersonal skills, and forges partnerships based on strong values: trust, transparency and efficiency. What drives her? Placing HR management at the very heart of NGOs’ strategic challenges, so humanitarian workers can feel fulfilled and committed!