Are you unable to attract the talents you need?

Are your recruiters overwhelmed?

Do you need that new employee yesterday?

Are you looking for a truly unique set of skills – as rare as a ‘five-legged sheep’, as the French say?

After carrying out an initial needs analysis and working together to define a sourcing strategy, we look for candidates with the right profiles for you.

Thanks to the competency-based interviewing technique, our NLP skills (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), or the creation of a remote assessment centre, we are able to carry out quality interviews that give you practical indications of the candidates’ skills, their ability to adapt to your values and ways of working, and their reasons and enthusiasm for committing to your actions.

Our approach is partnership-based, so we will give your regular updates on our progress.

“Many thanks to Estelle, who helped us to recruit a logistics coordinator we had been looking for over a year. Her responsiveness, her knowledge of the field and her recruitment skills, enabled us to find an experienced candidate who met all of the requirements for the Afghanistan mission. And it was all done in 1 month!”

Marie Le Quéau, Recruitment and Mobility Officer, Action contre la Faim.