Security Incident Information Management training for HR staff

Dear HR colleagues,

Security-related incidents put the lives of aid workers and aid recipients at risk in addition to disrupting the flow of assistance to disaster-affected populations. The information we receive when dealing with all types of incidents is critical for supporting a timely and effective response, as well as for learning and preventing similar incidents in the future.

Unfortunately, many of us have been involved in dealing with a security incident but many of us have never been trained on how to effectively manage security incident information while this has huge impacts on prevention and stress management.

RedR UK offers a free online training on Security Incident Information Management for HR staff.

This training recognises the integral role HR plays in managing incident information and looks at how informative incident information can be to enable a good response, prevent future incidents, spot trends and make better strategic decisions. By using the data to spot trends and implement changes to employment practices which support the health, safety and wellbeing of employees, HR and security staff will be able to communicate and collaborate in ensuring incident information is used to its full potential.

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