Who are we?

Human Resources in the humanitarian field can sometimes be a real headache: repeated gaps, forgotten funding applications, poorly-handled labour conflicts, untrained managers and so on.

These kinds of problems can have disastrous consequences for the programmes, which is why we created Humanitalents, the first French recruitment and HR agency specialised in the humanitarian sector.

Hand all your HR worries over to us, so that you can concentrate on implementing your programmes for your beneficiaries.

Our interventions take a collaborative approach and our client relationships are partnerships, because working together always results in the best possible outcome.

So, sit back, smile and let us help you transform your Human Resources into Human Riches!

has been awarded certification as a  by a competition that recognises innovative entrepreneurs in the Lyon area!

Our team

Estelle Robert

Estelle Robert

A strong need for social justice led me to Human Resource Management, because I was convinced that better management of people would help organisations and their members to flourish.

I quickly came to feel that I needed to make a stronger commitment to give my life meaning. Destiny worked its magic and guided me to the international development sector.

For nine years, I worked in the field and at head office for Handicap International, Action Against Hunger (or Action contre la Faim), Oxfam and Solidarités International. I loved it!

However, throughout my extraordinary experiences, I still felt frustrated: I saw demotivated staff, helpless managers, teams suffering and my scope of intervention stayed relatively limited.

On discovering yoga and meditation and then with the aid of a coach, I questioned my mission in life and then re-focused on Nature and on my own deepest nature.

That is why I founded Humanitalents in 2017, with a view to positioning myself at a meta level and offering my skills, enthusiasm and energy to all humanitarian and development organisations.

My ambition is to resolve problems, tease out solutions and create new synergies so that human resources are transformed into human riches and NGOs benefit from a wonderful domino effect that boosts their positive impact on beneficiaries.

Follow me on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/estelle-robert-4008065/

Laeticia Charlet

Laeticia Charlet

As a human resources specialist, human values have been at the heart of my professional preoccupations for over 10 years. My humanist vision encompasses an altruistic approach and attentive listening, an aspect I chose to develop recently by adding a qualification as a clinical psychologist to my existing qualifications in human resource management.

My core beliefs naturally led me to work in the international development sector for various NGOs, both in the field and at head office (Action against Hunger, Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors without borders (MSF), Handicap International).

My central concern is caring for employees’ mental health nationally and internationally within the sector because I am convinced that the quality of programmes deployed in fields of intervention is firmly rooted in staff’s psychological well-being.

My belief that a working philosophy founded on strong values of creativity and freedom would allow me to flourish was the determining factor that convinced me to join Humanitalents and contribute to its development. I should also mention that I first met Estelle 8 years ago in Haiti while on my first humanitarian mission. She was the mission’s HR coordinator and I was HR manager at one of the bases. That initial working relationship left an imprint on us both that has now been transformed into a real collaborative partnership.

My philosophy: ‘If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life,’ Confucius

Follow me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laeticia-charlet-46716311b/

Humanitarian HR Conference

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Sexuel harassment, exploitation and abuse, a collective wake up call – Humanitalents gives the floor to humanitarian workers

In December 2018, Humanitalents carried out a survey amongst French-speaking humanitarian aid workers. The aim of the survey was to gain a better understanding of the workers’ concerns about PSHEA. We shared the full report in June. It's only available in French and...

World Humanitarian Day 2019

World Humanitarian Day has put women in the spotlight this year. You may be wondering why it is important to focus on women aid workers? There are at least two reasons: The presence of women makes it possible to reach populations and to be accepted in areas where it...

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