HR and recruitment expertise
for the humanitarian sector

Who are we?

Human Resources in the humanitarian field can sometimes be a real headache: repeated gaps, forgotten funding applications, poorly-handled labour conflicts, untrained managers and so on.
These kinds of problems can have disastrous consequences for the programmes, which is why we created Humanitalents, the first French recruitment and HR agency specialised in the humanitarian sector.
Hand all your HR worries over to us, so that you can concentrate on implementing your programmes for your beneficiaries.
Our interventions take a collaborative approach and our client relationships are partnerships, because working together always results in the best possible outcome.
So, sit back, smile and let us help you transform your Human Resources into Human Riches!

What can we do for you?

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Do you face difficulties attracting the talents you need?

Are your recruiters overwhelmed?

Do you need that new employee yesterday?

Are you looking for a truly unique set of skills – as rare as a ‘five-legged sheep’, as the French say?

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HR consulting

Are you in need of occasional HR support?

Is your HR team lacking the time to go into files in any depth?

Do you lack specific HR skills?

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Knowledge is only useful if it is shared, which is why I provide on-site intensive training sessions in HR management training, conflict management and intercultural interactions.

They trust us: