Passing on knowledge

Knowledge is only useful if it is shared, which is why I provide on-site intensive training sessions in HR management training, conflict management and intercultural interactions.

Knowledge is only useful if it is shared, which is why I provide training at your premises (in France and abroad) on the following themes:

Human resource management:

  • Recruitment
  • Organisation
  • Remuneration & benefits
  • Relationships with social partners

 Transversal skills:

  • The principles of communication
  • Nonviolent communication
  • Time and priority management
  • Intercultural management
  • Stress management

 Team management:

  • Leadership
  • Compassionate management
  • Managing performance and performance reviews
  • Disciplinary management and disciplinary meetings
  • Conflict management
  • Team building

To ensure that our training sessions are as relevant and profitable as possible, we define the pedagogical objectives and training methods with you.

We can also create a mentoring programme together to support your HR staff, help them to develop their skills and improve in self-confidence so they are able to embrace the full scope of their positions and work completely independently.

Nous pouvons également définir avec vous un programme de mentoring afin de soutenir vos collaborateurs RH et leur aider à monter en compétence et renforcer leur confiance en eux et ainsi leur permettre d’embrasser toute l’ampleur de leur poste en toute autonomie.

The pedagogical principles we believe in

  • Learning by doing – Theory is only meaningful when put into practice.
  • Learning from our mistakes – ‘I never lose, I win or I learn,’ Nelson Mandela.
  • Game-based learning and fun – it is now generally agreed that we learn best through play and while having fun.

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