Making HR work like a charm

Do you need occasional HR support?

Is your HR team lacking the time to go into files in any depth?

Do you lack specific HR skills?


We can intervene in the field or remotely to handle your HR issues:

  • Drafting policy, designing tools, defining processes
  • Reviewing company rules and regulations, doing salary reviews
  • Accompanying change
  • Managing crises: strikes, conflicts, largescale redundancies
  • Carrying out HR audits
  • Reorganising / restructuring
  • Preventing and leading an enquiry in cases of suspected abuse or sexual exploitation, harassment or abuse of power.

Our technical skills, methodologies, tools, plentiful experience and a collaborative approach give us the expertise to make human resource management work like a charm within your organization.


World Humanitarian Day 2019

World Humanitarian Day has put women in the spotlight this year. You may be wondering why it is important to focus on women aid workers? There are at least two reasons: The presence of women makes it possible to reach populations and to be accepted in areas where it...

The issue of gender in NGOs, an issue that concerns not only the programs

On this International Women’s Day, we feel it is important to talk about the issue of gender. A little over a year ago, the media revealed sex scandals involving employees of NGOs, raising the issue of sexual violence and Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse...

Prostitution and Humanitarian Workers

Few years ago, I was on a mission in Africa. In the middle of the night I went in the kitchen of the guesthouse to take some cold water. I saw one of my expat colleague with a local women, I heard them say "goodbye" and he asked the NGO driver to drive her back to her...

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