Boosting managers

Are your teams demotivated? In conflict? Are you managers exhausted and lost?
If your employees are not happy at work, ultimately it is the programmes that suffer.

Using tools such as positive psychology, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), nonviolent communication, and the Enneagram, we help your managers to acquire an agile and compassionate management style, enabling your teams to reach their full potential.

Prostitution and Humanitarian Workers

Few years ago, I was on a mission in Africa. In the middle of the night I went in the kitchen of the guesthouse to take some cold water. I saw one of my expat colleague with a local women, I heard them say "goodbye" and he asked the NGO driver to drive her back to her...

What if kindness was a key management skills for future managers?

Agile, manager agile, Manager 2.0, Manager 3.0... What if kindness was a management skills for future managers? I can already hear spoilers say "we are not in Wonderland, this is really life, we need people managing, supervising, deciding, controling, validating......


Oxfam recent scandal shocks the public opinion and it is completely legitimate but let’s take a step back! Amongst the humanitarian community, how many of us have witnessed or heard rumors of a colleague bringing prostitutes to the organizations’Organization’s...

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